A selection of our LED Drivers are equipped with dimming functionality, for applications that require control in the brightness of light form 100% to 0%.  Our dimming led drivers are available in models compatible with 0-10V, PWM controlled, resistive, Triac and DALI protocols.


PWM dimming led drivers (pulse width modulation) change the switching frequency from 100 modulations (Hz) per second to as high as hundreds of thousands of modulations per second to make the LED appear to be continuously lit, with no flicker. PWM dimming enables minimal colour shift when adjusting the LED brightness; drawbacks with PWM dimming include the need for a higher inrush current & resulting potential system noise.


0-10V dimming led drivers utilise analogue dimming to set the light levels between 0% - 100% of the light output. Most drivers require an external 10V DC source to operate 1-10V dimming. 1-10V dimming does not dim the LEDs to zero light output.


Triac dimming led drivers are compatible with traditional trailing edge dimmers. Triac dimming LED drivers can vary the light output between 0 to 100%. Care must be taken to ensure that the load requirement of the dimmer is met to ensure smooth Triac dimming over the 0 to 100% range.


DALI dimming LED drivers utilise DALI addressable programmers to control light levels and functionality. Multiple DALI dimming LED drivers can be controlled by a single pair of wires. Within a DALI network each DALI dimming LED driver can be given individual lighting instructions.